Alexander Leeper Prize

The Alexander Leeper Prize was established in memory of Alexander Leeper, who was the first president of the Classical Association of Victoria when it was founded in 1912 and who also became (back in 1876) the first Warden of Trinity College at the University of Melbourne. The Leeper Prize is awarded annually to the highest-achieving undergraduate honours students in the state of Victoria who completed their honours degree in Classics (or Classical Studies or Ancient World Studies) in the previous calendar year. It is a condition of the award that the student either studied Latin or Ancient Greek at intermediate or advanced level during their honours year or wrote a thesis that engaged with Latin and Greek textual evidence..


2020: First prize: Daniel Rankin (University of Melbourne)
Second prize: Ben Crawley (Monash University)
Second prize: John Henry (University of Melbourne)
2019: Stephanie Zindilis (University of Melbourne)
2018: Kon Panegyres (University of Melbourne) and Jimmy Blackwell (Monash University)
2017: Tess Anderson (University of Melbourne) and Miranda Gronow (University of Melbourne)
David Nicholson (Monash University) and Carly Skinner (University of Melbourne)
Marc Bonaventura (University of Melbourne)
Tom Sharkie (Monash University) and Stephanie Forrest (University of Melbourne)
: Caroline Chong (University of Melbourne)
2012: Melissa Saligari (Monash University) and Kyle Conrau-Lewis (University of Melbourne)
2011: Eugene Durrant (University of Melbourne) and Dominic Lenzi (University of Melbourne)
: Genevieve Commins (University of Melbourne) and Katherine McLardy (Monash University)
2009: Peter Gannoni (University of Melbourne) and Ellie Brown (Monash University)
2008: Sarah Gador-Whyte (University of Melbourne)
2007: Helen Slaney (University of Melbourne)
2006: Samantha Brownlie (University of Melbourne) and Elizabeth Greentree
2005: Michael Champion (University of Melbourne) and Edward Jeremiah (University of Melbourne)
2004: Erica Bexley (University of Melbourne) and Estelle Strazdins (University of Melbourne)