‘Iris’ Volume 26 – 2013


You can download articles from Volume 26, 2013 here.

From the Editor

Rhiannon Evans


David Malouf, Talking About Ransom and the Iliad, 2013


Chris Mackie, Priam’s Quest in Iliad 24

Rhiannon Evans, The W.H. Allen Memorial Lecture 2013: Charles Dickens Rewrites Rome

Heather Jackson, Greek Sculpture of the Early Classical, Classical and Late Classical Periods: A Survey of Prescribed Works for VCE Classical Studies 2014

Peter Mountford, Homer Iliad 23 and Virgil Aeneid 5: Epic Poetry Takes on Athletic

James O’Maley, Iliad 1 and 3: Politics, Characters and the Story of Troy

James H. Kim On Chong-Gossard, Paired Greek Works: Odyssey 19 and Euripides’ Trojan Women

John Tuckfield, Vocabulary Learning for Secondary Latin Students

Cathy Altman, memrise.com

John Tuckfield, Great Websites and Apps for Latin and Roman History

Dianne Fitzpatrick, Collections At Risk: An Investigation of Near Eastern Archaeological
Collections Management Practices

Kyle Conrau-Lewis, Postgraduate News: An Update From Classics Postgraduate Students in Victoria

Felicity Albrecht, Review of Bonnie Maclachlan, Women in Ancient Rome: A Sourcebook

Kyle Conrau-Lewis, Review of Efrossini Spentzou, The Roman Poetry of Love: Elegy and Politics in a Time of Revolution