‘Iris’: Journal of the Classical Association of Victoria

ISSN 1448-1421

The most recent issue is Volume 29, 2016.

What is Iris?

Iris is the journal of the Classical Association of Victoria. The New Series of the journal was commenced in 1988. The Journal Editor is Dr Rhiannon Evans of La Trobe University. The Honorary Secretary is Dr. K.O. Chong-Gossard, lecturer at the University of Melbourne. Iris is published with the support of the Muriel P. Blackwood Memorial Fund.

What is in Iris?

Iris is a refereed publication. This means that articles published in the refereed section undergo a peer review process. This involves assessment of the publication in its entirety (not merely an abstract or extract), before publication, and by appropriately independent, qualified experts. Independent in this context means independent of the author.

How do I contribute to Iris?

Persons interested into submitting articles or letters to the journal should send them to either the Journal Editor (Rhiannon Evans) or the Honorary Secretary (K.O. Chong-Gossard). Contributors should state whether they wish their article to be refereed or not.

Style Sheet

Journal Editor Contact Details:

Dr Rhiannon Evans
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
La Trobe University
Bundoora 3086

Submissions can also be submitted electronically to R.Evans@latrobe.edu.au


Honorary Secretary Contact Details:

Dr. K.O. Chong-Gossard
Classics and Archaeology
Old Quadrangle Building
University of Melbourne, VIC 3010

Submissions can also be submitted electronically to koc@unimelb.edu.au

What does Iris cost?

A hard copy of Iris comes with an annual subscription to the Classical Association of Victoria. An annual subscription for an individual is $40 (Student & Concession $15). An institutional or school membership is $100. Library membership (for the journal Iris only) is $40. Prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). Cheques should be made out to ‘Classical Association of Victoria’.