‘Iris’ Volume 29 – 2016

You can download articles from Volume 29, 2016 here.

From the Editor

Rhiannon Evans


Jennifer M. Webb, Anthropomorphic Figures from Middle Bronze Age Cyprus: Who or What do they Represent?


Richard Gillespie, Curating Cork: Museum Victoria’s Colosseum Model

Robert Bostock, Greek Personal Names

Lindsay Zoch, An Introduction to Aeneid 8

Gillian Shepherd, The Parthenon and the Ara Pacis … and why they are both really weird (Keynote Address at CAV In-service 2016)

Rhiannon Evans and Matt Smith, Emperors of Rome.  Cleopatra: A Live Event at the Wheeler Centre

Matt Smith, Colossus of Memnon


Peer Review Articles

Timothy Jones, A Deafening Silence

Alice Kemp, Latin Unseens