‘Iris’ Volume 28 – 2015


You can download articles from Volume 28, 2015 here.

From the Editor

Rhiannon Evans


Kai Brodersen, We Should Have All Been Roman: From Arminius to Herman the German


Sonya Wurster, The W.H. Allen Memorial Lecture 2015, Changing Perceptions: Philodemus and Epicurean Philosophy

Heather Sebo, The God in the Play: Euripides’ Bacchae

Lindsay Zoch, An Introduction to Aeneid 7

Peter Mountford, Latin at Northcote High School 2015

Rhiannon Evans, Latin Through Literacy: The Spensley Street Primary School Pilot

Konstantinos Deligiorgis, The Herodotean “Amazonic” Artemesia

David Rafferty, The Fall of the Roman Republic

Aimee Turner, Kings on Coins: The Appearance of Numa on Augustan Coinage

Frances Billot, The Morning After the Night before: A Light-hearted Interpretation of the Portland Vase