‘Iris’ Volume 27 – 2014


You can download articles from Volume 27, 2014 here.

From the Editor

Rhiannon Evans


Lindsey Davis, Pompeii’s Place in the Falco Novels


Sarah Midford, Roman Imperial Triumphal Arches

Katherine R.L. Mclardy, Iluminating Virgil’s Underworld?: The Sixth Book of the Aeneid

Nicholas Vlahogiannis, VCE Ancient History

Lindsay Zoch, Some Techniques in the Latin Study Design

Mark Andrews, Control and Value Theory in the 9-12 Classroom

Jack Solomon, An App for Latin

Anneliese Van De Ven & Andrew Jamieson, Engaging with Classics and Ancient World Studies: Museum Learning and the Between Artefact and Text Exhibition

Mark Andrews, Gods and Monsters, Sex and Desire: The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece