Excavations at Ancient Eleon, Boeotia, Greece

A paper by Stavroula Nikoloudis for the Ancient World Seminar at 1:00 on Monday 31 July in Theatre C, Old Arts.

The excavation of the site of ancient Eleon by the Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project (EBAP) is a collaborative venture between the Canadian Institute in Greece and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Boeotia. Following an intensive surface survey (2007-2009), excavation of the site identified as ancient Eleon commenced in 2011.

To date, the site has yielded impressive remains of the late Bronze Age (LH IIIB – LH IIIC) and late Archaic and Classical periods. The substantial Mycenaean architecture, high quality pottery, figurines and artifacts made of metal, bone and stone, including textile tools, jewellery and weapons, support the Linear B textual evidence indicating that the site was incorporated in the economic and political network of the nearby Mycenaean Palace of Thebes. The remains also demonstrate links with the island of Euboia to the East and beyond. The massive polygonal wall and monumental ramped entrance at the site reflect its continuing importance in later years.

This talk presents preliminary findings from the excavation, highlighting the significance of this site for our understanding of the Mycenaean world, especially in the palatial and post-palatial periods.