The Australasian Society for Classical Studies 37th Annual Conference and General Meeting and 50th Anniversary Celebration

ASCS 37 (2016) is to be held at the University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Victoria, from 2-5 February 2016. The conference convener is Dr K.O. Chong-Gossard (

ASCS 37 is a 4-day conference featuring over 120 papers on the literature, history, philosophy, art and archaeology of the Greek and Roman worlds, from the Bronze Age through Classical and Hellenistic Greece, Republican and Imperial Rome and into Late Antiquity. There are also papers on the art and archaeology of Egypt, early Christian and Byzantine studies and reception studies. The conference runs from 2-5 February, 2016 at The University of Melbourne, with a 50th Anniversary of ASCS Opening Reception on Monday 1 February.